API & Automations

Integrations and automations are simple to set up and powerful to your users


API integrations enable Credit Repair Cloud to share data or trigger events in your other cloud based software. This is one of the greatest features of cloud computing. Before jumping in, learn what’s possible and how it works by clicking here.

Zapier is one of the greatest tools on the internet. It’s like a match.com for web apps and it makes new integrations as easy as snapping together legos. Use Zapier to integrate Credit Repair Cloud with over 1,000+ popular cloud apps with no programming necessary. This opens up endless possibilities of automations with Credit Repair Cloud. It’s one of the most exciting reasons we build software in the cloud!
With Zapier you can use ‘Zaps’ that automate and help speed up parts of your everyday workflow. Using Zaps means you have more free time do to things that really matter! Below is a list of popular zaps used by CRC users, but the posibilities are endless! Automations are how people build multi-million dollar credit repair businesses. To get training and an automations cookbook and a whole lot more, check out our masterclass in this free training. To learn more about Zapier automations, click here.
Check out our Masterclass! You'll learn automations, marketing funnels, get a pre-written email sequence drip and a whole lot more! Includes Advanced Disputing and 6 months of CRC for free.
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